Natural Ecology, Body Relaxation

Being in nature and keeping your sleep balanced


CertiPUR-US® Foams & Environmental

Free from all harmful chemicals, carcinogens, PBDEs, heavy metal, phthalates and formaldehyde.


Memory Foam Texture & Soft Feel

Organic bamboo charcoal fiber,breathable to prevent mites and mold.


Body Effective Support

Gel-infused,keep you sleep cool and comfortable.

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Eco-friendly Mattress

Sleep well. Love well

As the one who truly cares about you,Novilla knows that sometimes the noise of life can be just too much.Everyone is exhausted to handle the problem happened between career and relationship. It’s necessary for everyone to love yourself enough and treat yourself better when you need a real time out. Novilla is able to help you take a deep break to have a throughout relaxing. Create a natural peaceful environment to get hours more of sleep for you than before.


Breathable Sleep Cool

Organic bamboo charcoal fiber,keep breathable.
Gel-infused,keep sleep cool and comfortable.

Organic Eco-friendly

CertiPUR-US® foams, free from all harmful chemicals, carcinogens, PBDEs, heavy metal, phthalates and formaldehyde.

Extraordinary support & Motion isolation

Comfort foam relax your muscles and help you keep the spine in alignment. Eliminates motion transfer, controls motion to prevent localized bounce.

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Andreza Bleasby

This is the first time I ordered memory foam mattress. And I still can't believe that the foam mattress is packed in a compact and tightly sealed package. In less than five minutes, open the mattress and place it on my bed box. So it turned into a large mattress. When I lay on the mattress touch silky smooth, it was really comfortable.

-Andreza Bleasby 8\06\19


Michael Basco

I've had the full size mattress for a month and have woken up with no bac pain for a week.Love waking up rested and pain free.This was one of may best investments.Woke up feeling well rested.No tossing and turning all night.It is very comfortable and everyone who has slept on it has been very happy it.

-Michael Basco 4\12\19



Before buying, I kept asking about the quality of the product. I always worried about the quality of the product. After all, the price was not expensive. After considering it, I placed an order. I have been testing the quality of the product. Pain product didn't disappoint me Good mattress!

-Heather Holsinger Williams 2\16\19


Mark Bixler

I brought it for 0ne month already,this is the literal best King mattress.No more waking up like a turtle on my back,sweltering in variations of memory foam.This truly is the perfect balance of firm and giving.Well rested,very happy owner of this hybrid mattress .Now I hate getting out of bed in the morning,For the first time in my life,nice purchase.

-Mark Bixler 1\02\20


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